Updated 29th March 2015

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Finished portrait of Barney, Molly and Badger

Photo-to-Portrait Examples

How a portrait is created.

Horlicks - pastel cat portrait Cat portrait - original photo

The large name tag has been edited out

Painted from a very old photo print. The right eye has the flash removed and

the left eye has been opened up

Foxy - pastel dog portrait Dog portrait - original photo

Hands and people can be edited out and it is often a good idea to hold your pet for the photo

The poor lighting has been corrected, using other photographs for colour reference

Combining photos

Enhancing your photos

It is always better to work from clear photographs with good detail, but when painting your portrait I can combine photos and also make corrections or alterations. Some examples are shown below. Never worry about holding your pet to take a photograph as hands, people and backgrounds will all be edited out of the final portrait.

Simple changes

Original photo of Archie Step 2 of creating a pastel pet portrait Finished pastel portrait of Archie

Original photo. Part of Archie’s face is concealed, so that needs to be addressed, and I also want to move his right paw to a better position without drawing attention to it.

A line drawing is created and the first layer of colour, highlighting and shadow is added. This very soft smudging technique also works well as a finished painting style.

Gradually, more layers of colour and shading build up the final portrait. Fine detail, such as individual

hairs, is added last.

Pastel pet portrait Pastel Pet Portrait Cat portrait Pet portrait Cat portrait - original photo Cat portrait - original photo Cat portrait - original photo Harry, Teddy and Georgie - Siamese cat portrait

Composition from three separate photos, balancing the different colours and lighting and ensuring correct relative size.

Cat portrait

This composition is made up from three photos. My objective was to show the three dogs as a group rather than three “floating heads”.

Finished portrait of Holly Dog portrait - original photo Portrait of Holly - click to enlarge Pastel dog portrait

This composition is made up from two photos. The client wanted to recapture her favourite memory of Gypsy in the field of wild flowers, with the addition of poppies.

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In this portrait the bridle has been removed

Lurcher in wild flowers field Tess labrador TN.jpg

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See how one of my portraits is created!

View the video here..


Composition with reference to several photos and removing rider and tack.


Simple combination of the best head shot and the best body shot, adjusting the proportions and lighting to look correct.


The coat colour from photo 1 and 3 other photos combined to get the perfect pose.

I am very sorry that I’m no longer able to undertake more pet portrait commissions.