Updated 29th March 2015

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Pastel portrait of horses

Horse portraits

Here are a few examples of hand painted pastel horse portraits. These are low resolution scans and the quality of the original horse portrait is far superior, with subtleties of colour and texture that don’t show here. Click on the centre of the image to open a larger version. Any type of pet can be drawn from a good photograph - click here to see how a horse portrait is created and how photos can be combined or enhanced.

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Horse portrait - Ryan pastel miniature horse portrait Falabella miniature horse equestrian portrait Horse portrait Murphy equine portrait Mare and foal horse portrait Horse portrait - mare and foal

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Dutch warmblood horse portrait Dutch warmblood equine painting Equestrian portrait Horse portrait Equestrian painting Equine portrait Equine portrait Equine portrait Equine portrait

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Horse portraithorse portraitFalabella miniature horse portraithorse portrait

“It couldn’t be any other pony. The detail is perfect and the

picture is beautiful!”

Roz Kendall, Hampshire

Equestrian painting Equestrian painting

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See photos from

the Equestrian Paralympics 2012 on my Facebook page

Border Collie dog portrait Horse painting Horse portrait horse-portrait horse-painting equestrian pastel portrait horse portrait equine portrait - Star horseportrait.jpg horseportrait.jpg Dora TN.jpg Taree TN.jpg Horse and dog pastel painting Skye TN.jpg Monopoly TN.jpg flynnTN.jpg pastel-horse-painting JigsawTN.jpg apollo TN.jpg horse-portrait.jpg